How To Order:

Step 1

Donate at least £10, €12 or $14 for each volume you want to order (or an equivalent sum in your native currency)  to any charity or non-profit organisation of your choice with the proviso that the charity or non-profit organisation does not pursue political goals. Alternatively support those who create the music we all love by supporting organisations like Help Musicians or the Music Venue Trust. The choice is yours.

Step 2

Forward us the confirmation of your donation (which should not be older than seven days) to

Step 3

We will then transfer your personalised copy via WeTransfer and send you an email with your access password.

We will endeavour to transfer your copy to you within 48 hours; however, it may take a little longer if the order intake is extensive.

In order to generate as much money for charity as possible, please do not distribute your personalised copy.


Thank you on behalf of the organisation that received your donation.

Total donations to-date £11,819.47